Herkimer Diamond | Raw

Herkimer Diamond | Raw

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These amazing crystals are naturally formed double terminated pure quartz crystal. Most are clear although some contain small black inclusions, a golden iron covering as well as water inclusions, which enhance their ability to aid with emotional issues. These are created from mother nature all natural raw from mother earth sparkling with light. One of the highest vibration quartz on earth with transformational energy. This energy can magnify the energy of other crystals when used together. If there is something you need to focus on, pair it with a crystal that can benefit this issue and allow the Herkimer Diamond to amplify the effect. Wearing a Herkimer Diamond over your heart each day helps to bring buried issues to the surface to release. It can help to clear blocks and bring new inspiration into your life. 

These crystals hold the energy of star soul chakra which is your higher chakra and connection to source your higher self.

Meditating with Herkimer Diamond crystals is extremely powerful. They purify energy fields and help with focus while in meditation so you can become clear on the natural gifts and talents you have to offer. Once programmed to you it will help to amplify your skills that serves your highest good constantly being supported by the universe. 

Chakras: Star Soul, Crown, Third Eye
Cleanse: Water
Charge: Full Moon

Rare Tibetan Herkimer Diamonds ethically sourced

Size: 2.5cm x 4.5cm approx. 


Note: Each crystal is individual having it's own unique beauty