Venus Ring

Venus Ring

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Delicate flat band ring featuring a Larimar stone from only one place in the world: the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands.

This soft blue crystal takes you to a place of crystal clear water and peaceful times. Larimar reminds you of the importance of the ocean. It teaches us that life is about the ebb and the flow, the give and the take. It helps us balance our lives and ignore distractions that affect our inner peace and mission in life. Larimar is also a strong protector of the truth and those that seek the truth.

This stone will assist in opening up communication in the throat chakra with divine feminine energy to heal your emotions and release stress.

Chakra: Throat 

Available in Stirling Silver

Band Width: 2mm

Crystal: 1cm x 1.2cm x 1.2cm 

Adjustable Ring - Ring Sizing Guide

Chasing Moonlight, Mystique & Magic...


Note: All Blackwood Ave Jewellery is handmade with intricate care. Each crystal is individual having it's own unique raw beauty. Due to the natural variations in the crystal, no two are exactly alike.