Vega Star Ring

Vega Star Ring

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Delicate flat band ring featuring a golden Pyrite Crystal.

This golden crystal is also known as Fools Gold. It usually grows in perfect cubes, promoting an energy of structure and order. It allows you to understand, value and heal what you have, and then builds upon it. Pyrite has a grounding vibration, giving you a sense of stability and confidence to influence the world. Strike Pyrite with metal or stone and it produces a spark which gives this crystal the ability to bring fire into your life. 

Available in 18 Carat Gold Plated (Brass)

Band Width: 1.5cm

Crystal: 8mm x 8mm

Chakra: Crown

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Note: All Blackwood Ave Jewellery is handmade with intricate care. Each crystal is individual having it's own unique raw beauty. Due to the natural variations in the crystal, no two are exactly alike.