Crystals are the gifts of this earth that allow us to remember our home in the stars.

All these Crystals are hand picked and of the highest vibrations. Crystals are a manifestation of consciousness or the spirit of life. Crystals can be used for many reasons as well as providing aesthetic beauty to the wearers and the homes that they adorn. Crystals allow us to anchor our dreams into a physical form.

To manifest, we need to bring concepts “spirit”, ideas, thoughts, divine inspiration. Inspired by spirit, and give them a physical form to anchor into so they can start to come to life.

We can place the vibration or the frequency of that which we are aspiring too into these gifts of the earthly realm. This means that whenever we wear these we are wearing our dreams close to our heart.

Crystals and the vibration that they bring, can bring powerful healing, transformation and change into your life. These are not merely adoration, these are agents of miracle and magic, and are about a remembering of the deep wisdom of the spirit and earth realms merging.

All Blackwood Ave crystals are ethically sourced from all around the world.
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