Crystals and their healing properties have been an obsession of mine from a young age. Growing up in Western Australia and on my travels throughout the world I have constantly been inspired by their power to evoke emotion - from the calming and loving Rose Quartz to the energising and powerful Herkimer Diamonds. I have a deep connection with this magical & ancient vibrational energy in the crystals that I use.  They have always been a source of vitality and strength for me and with my handmade collection I hope to share this power with others. 

 I am a passionate creative, love designing and working with my hands, and collaborating closely with my carefully sought out artisan silversmiths. Each piece is unique as no crystal is the same and all are handmade with love. 

 Blackwood Ave is named after my Italian grandparents street in iconic Fremantle. It is a place close to my heart and my memories of them have inspired me to follow my dreams - early recollections of adorning myself and playing with my Nannas jewellery collection for endless hours. 

 I have been working closely with crystals for many years to understand their energetic qualities and effects with people. All the crystals are hand picked & ethically sourced, they are raw crystals the earths treasures which make them all unique radiating raw beauty from the original form.


 My beautiful jewellery pieces are designed to be cherished and worn with care. I hope each special piece can evoke magic in you. 


Chasing Moonlight, Mystique & Magic...