Eco Incense - Blue Lotus

Eco Incense - Blue Lotus

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ECO INCENSE – Written and created by Carmen from Lulanimoon

Walking in respect with the Spirit of the land and in acknowledgment with the Traditional Owners of this beautiful country.

ECO INCENSE has been crafted with a deep reverence for these lands in which we live, create and connect upon.

The combination of all three plants and wood, supports the entire body for opening up every chakra, allowing the body to heal, to harmonise and supporting you to connect deeply into your grounded state. In this sate, it allows yourself to feel back into the natural flow of your body, whilst sensing a great inner peace as your emotional body and your energetic body mingle in the beautiful dance of masculine and feminine energies.


2 AROMATIC BARS- No waste incense, 100% nature blended free of synthetics crafted from the remnants of incense clay.

How to burn

You don’t have to burn the whole bar, you can cut small pieces off, depending on your use. Hold a piece slightly upside down and light the tip until there is a small flame. After a few seconds, blow out  the flame, so only smoke is produced. Place it on an angle embers-down in a fireproof bowl in a way that will allow it to continue burning and gently blow on the embers when needed. This is called smudging. It may need to be re-lit several times so it will continue to release its natural plant extracts and energetic properties. Some prefer to keep small rocks in a fireproof bowl, (see our hand made bowls) and then put the embers into the rock bed in order to put it out when finished. The stick can be reused several times until it is all gone. The aroma is natural and harmoniously strong.

Ingredients and benefit list;

Blue Lotus- used to move around stuck energy, such as anxiety and depression. Aids in pain relief, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-convulsant. It is also considered as a natural aphrodisiac as well as facilitating spiritual growth through opening the third eye chakra.
Sandalwood- relieves anxiety and stress, enhances sleep quality, lowers blood pressure and heals wounds. It is used to support the blessings in of something new, such as bringing in new phases of life. Said to bring people closer to the divine, inciting calmness and clearing the mind.
Ylang Ylang- used to harmonize the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, working with the throat and heart chakras, inciting us to speak our inner truth. Brings about a sooth and calming energy.
Local honey.